About Me With over 15 years’ professional experience working with various Directors, Producers and Designers within the Film, Television and Entertainment industry, I have a gained a great deal of expertise in managing all aspects of hair and makeup Design/Supervision.

I am highly enthusiastic and capable in many fields, with a passion for the highest of standards. I believe that open communication and having the right creative team members around you is the key to an effective work environment and I have worked hard to build an extremely reliable network.

I am always looking for my next challenge in Feature Production or Television and am also available for dailies, commercials and editorials.
Qualifications and Skillset BA (Hons): Costume and Make-up for the Performing Arts, London College of Fashion
Creative Skillset Course: Cutting/
styling Black/Afro hair (male/female)
Creative Skillset Course: Bald caps
Hair Cutting (modern/period)Hair Styling (modern/period)
Wig and Facial Care,
styling and application
Make-up (all skin types,
Tattoo coverBody Painting
Character creationProsthetics (making/application)
Design Credits
Death in Paradise 6
BBC – Red Planet
April – Sept 2016
Location:  Guadeloupe
Hair and Make-up Designer
Directors: Claire Winyard, Richard Signy, Jermain Julian, Simon Delany
Executive Producer: Tim Key, Producer: Sue Howells, Line Producer: Philippe Chaussende
Production Manager: Lee Rayner
Let Me Go
Feature, Intrust Films
December 2015 – February 2016
Location: Surrey/Vienna
Hair and Make-up Designer
Director, Writer, Producer: Polly Steele
Executive Producer: Lizzie Pickering
Producer: David Broder
Death in Paradise 5
BBC – Red Planet
May – Oct 2015
Location: Guadeloupe
Hair and Make-up Designer
Directors: Richard Signy, Roger Simonez, Audrey Cooke
Executive Producer: Tim Key, Producer: Yvonne Francas, Line Producer: Philippe Chaussende
Death in Paradise 4
BBC – Red Planet
May – Oct 2014
Location:  Guadeloupe
Hair and Make-up Designer
Directors: Richard Signy, David O’Neill
Executive Producer: Tim Key, Producer: Louise Sutton
Line Producer: Philippe Chaussende, Production Manager: Lee Rayner
By Any Means
BBC 1 – Red Planet
April – August 2013
Hair and Make-up Designer
Directors: Charlie Palmer, Menhaj Huda, Mark Everest
Producer: Tim Key, Line Producer: Alison Gee
Locked up Abroad: ‘Case of Latif Yahia’(Banged up Abroad)
Nov 2011
Location: Tunisia
Hair & Make-up Designer (Prosthetics)
Director: David Bartlett
Producer: Fran Casey
In Tranzit
Russian/English Feature
March – April 2006
Location: St Petersburg
Replacement Designer (1940s)
Director: Tom Roberts, Line Producer: Andrew Warren
Make-up Designer: Sallie Adams
Gay Icons
Channel 4
March 2004
Hair & Make-up Designer (20th Century)
Supervisor Credits
London Has Fallen
November 2014 & February 2015
Second Unit Hair and Make-up Supervisor
Director: Babak Najafi
Make-up Designer: Lynda Armstrong
Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?!
Dec 2013 – Jan 2014
Hair & Make-up Supervisor
Director: Debbie Isitt,
Make-up Designer: Steve Smith
Sky Arts
Nov – Dec 2012
Hair & Make-up Supervisor (Character sketches)
Director: Jeremy Dyson, Producer: Pippa Brown
Make-up Designer: Penny Smith
Death in Paradise 2
BBC – Red Planet
May – Oct 2012
Location:  Guadeloupe
Hair & Make-up Supervisor
Directors: Alrick Riley, Keith Boak, David O’Neill
Producer: Tim Key, Line Producer: Alison Gee
Make-up Designer: Penny Smith
Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger
Sept – Nov 2011
Hair & Make-up Supervisor
Director: Debbie Isitt,
Make-up Designer: Steve Smith
Fickle Fish Films Ltd
July – Sept 2011
Hair & Make-up Supervisor
(Personal to Jayne Seymour)

Director: Jerusha Hess
Line Producer: Samantha WaiteDesign
Make-up Designer: Cate Hall
The Fades
BBC Drama
March – June 2011
Hair & Make-up Supervisor (Prosthetics)
Director: Farren Blackburn & Tom Shankland
Producer: Caroline Skinner
Make-up Designer: Christine Allsopp
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
Nov – Dec 2010
Chief Hair Stylist (1930s)
Director: Donald Rice
Make-up Designer: Magi Vaughan
Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Series 1-4)
Tiger Aspect for ITV Drama
2007 – 2010
Hair & Make-up Supervisor
Directors: Alex Garcia & Wayne Yip, Samuel Donavan,
Owen Harris, China Moo-Young, Peter Lydon,
Fraser McDonald, Yann Demange, Susan Tully
Line Producers: Chrissy Skinns, Jacquie Glanville,
Julie Clarke
Make-up Designer: Steve Smith
Psychoville (Series 2)
BBC Comedy
May – June 2010
Hair & Make-up Supervisor (Character work)
Director: Matt Lipsey, Line Producer: Maria Cooper
Make-up Designer: Penny Smith
ITV Drama
Sept – Nov 2008
Hair & Make-up Supervisor
Directors: Mark Evans & Rodrigo Guitierrez
Line Producer: Carolyn Parry-Jones
Make-up Designer: Sallie Adams
Place of Execution
Coastal Productions for ITV Drama
April – May 2008
Hair & Make-up Supervisor (1960s)
Director: Dan Percival
Make-up Designer: Sallie Adams
BBC Comedy North
Oct – Dec 2007
Hair & Make-up Supervisor (Character Sketches)
Director: Tony Dow, Line Producer: Kaela Langan
Make-up Designer: Sarita Allison
Skins (Series 1)
June – Dec 2006
Hair & Make-up Supervisor
Directors: Adam Smith, Minki Spiro, Chris Clough,
Paul Gay
Make-up Designers: Claire Whitely & Sarita Allison
BBC Docu-Drama
August 2004
Hair & Make-up Supervisor (1940s)
Director: Paul Wilmshurst
Make-up Designer: Barbara Taylor
A Most Mysterious Murder: The Case of Charles Bravo
BBC Drama
May 2004
Hair & Make-up Supervisor (1880s)
Director: Michael Samuels
Make-up Designer: Sallie Adams
The Seven Wonders of the Industrial World
BBC Science – ‘The Sewer King & The Brooklyn Bridge’
March – May 2003
Hair & Make-up Supervisor (1880s)
Directors: Paul Wilmshurst & Edward Bazalegette
Make-up Designer: Barbara Taylor
Dailies, Commercials, Editorials
Game of ThronesAgatha Christies Crooked HouseTV Times
The CrownLondon Has FallenFreesat
EndeavorWoman in Black 2Raffles Hotels
Waking the DeadThe Theory of EverythingWorld Cup Final
The Great Fire of LondonHugoWight Link
SpooksThe Imitation GameE4
Dr WhoCaptain America: The Winter SoldierBen Sherman
CasanovaJohn CarterFrom Hell
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